Emotional & Spiritual Wellbeing

Spiritual Fitness Coaching with Dimitria Stevenson
While growth is necessary for us all, having the tools to guide us through can mean the difference between being stuck and being a star!
— Dimitria

upgrade your flow- the method

1. My Intuitive Readings will give you the clarity and direction you need to understand next steps for you as a spirit. Therefore, aligning you with your path, passion and purpose. Continuous growing is part of life, embracing it is key. 

2. Intuitive EFT is a tool that can move you past the emotional blocks that prevent you from changing the actual behavior. 

3. Life Coaching is the tactical activity based structure that will give you the tools to change limiting beliefs and negative behavior patterns to create personal transformation!

Overall wellness is comprised of 6 main components: physical, biochemical, structural, mental, emotional and spiritual. We'll work together to focus in on the mental, emotional and spiritual side of health to get back to a place of balance/homeostasis as well as open up and release the old emotions and programing that create our reality. This could be a compliment to the work you're already doing to heal from disease or illness, or it can be an understanding of a new growth cycle leading to personal transformation. Whatever the need, you always have access to healing. 

Through the body, you can fix the mind. Through the soul you can heal anything.
— Dimitria