Spiritual Fitness

Spiritual Fitness Coaching with Dimitria Stevenson

are you SPIRITUALLY fit?

Spiritual Fitness is comprised of three main components


1. Self-Love

2. Emotional/Mind/Body/Soul Communication - Connection

3. Alignment to your Purpose/Life Path

The second component is most important because as you learn to communicate with your spirit, the other two components will naturally open up.  The vehicle of communication is your intuition. Everyone can develop their intuition by practicing and developing trust with yourself over time. 

Overall wellness is comprised of 6 main components: physical, biochemical, structural, mental, emotional and spiritual. We'll work together to focus in on the mental, emotional and spiritual side of health to get back to a place of balance/homeostasis as well as open up and release the old emotions and programing that create our reality. This could be a compliment to the work you're already doing to heal from disease or illness, or it can be an understanding of a new growth cycle leading to personal transformation. Whatever the need, you always have access to healing. 

Through the body, you can fix the mind. Through the soul you can heal anything.
— Dimitria Stevenson