Energy Medicine for Families

Healing Practices for Intuitive Parenting

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 3RD, 2017 (12:45-2:15)

1100 Pine Street | PHILADELPHIA 

Are you struggling to fully leverage your intuition to help care for your family?

Do you have a calling to be more involved with the healing of your child but feel powerless?

Do you want to set-up healthy attachments as baby grows and becomes more independent? 

Come join us as Dimitria & Ellen Browning-Lafferty, take us through a spiritual journey. In this 1.5-hour session, we will learn about the basic makeup of our own energy system including the Aura (Etheric, Astral & Mental Field) and how we are connected to the energy system of our children through cording. This connection will continue to shift through the early stages of development (newborn - 6 years old). The practical application of the content and exercises are designed to empower you to leverage your own intuition toward healing, protecting and assessing your child's spiritual health.  

What You Will Learn:

An introduction to how your energy system is connected to your child's 

Simple exercises that will empower you to guide your child's spiritual health 

Tips to validate your intuitive connection to baby

*The cost of the workshop is $35 per/person for the 90 min session.