About Me

Dimitria Stevenson Spiritual Fitness

It all started when...

My corporate career wasn't enough. I had it all, financial success, my health, domestic and international travel, education, interesting work, great co-workers and a beautiful family....still something was missing for me. Ten years after igniting my own personal meditation and energy healing practice, I received a calling to leave corporate america and help individuals and especially parents create a life and family they love. The calling actually came many times (over many years) as turning away from this wonderful life I spent 20 years building wasn't easy.  It was one of the hardest things I've ever done. I had to dig, I had to clear, I had to know myself deeper than I ever had before. I had to learn, I had to listen, I had to ignite my passion and purpose and most of all I had to answer the final calling. 

The FINAL Calling...

8 weeks pregnant I woke up in the middle of the night, my heart was racing and my nervous system heightened. I felt a dark energy encompass my entire body pushing down on me. It was smothering me, I thought I would never be able to lift this heavy energy off me. It kept bearing down, I could feel it in my field pushing down deeper into my physical body. I sat with it, frozen for what seemed like hours. I had no idea what to do so I turned to my intuition, asking for help. What can I do? 'Run gold energy' it said loudly. I placed my hands on my body and imagined gold healing energy coming from my hands penetrating the black energy. I felt my hands vibrate and heat up. I stayed like that for hours. Over time I began to feel the black energy loosen up. I was now able to begin the process of peeling it off me. It was like a coat of armor, and piece by piece, layer by layer, I pulled this thick energy off me. How can I protect the baby? I asked. 'You cannot' was the response. Sad and scared, I tried to imagine a protection bubble around the little tiny life inside me, but I knew something was wrong and I was not in control. More time had passed and the pressure released and even though I felt some energetic residue left, I was able to drift off and sleep.

The next morning I made a doctors appointment. They couldn't see me for a week, and not really knowing how to express the experience I had, I felt forced to wait. As the week went on I began to feel toxic all over my body. I could actually taste this sour, metallic taste in my mouth. Unfortunately, when the doctor was finally able to examine me, both of us saw the lifeless little body on the screen, no heartbeat. It was devastating and confusing. That was my child. Gone. I had little time to say goodbye as the doctor recommended surgery the very next day. But I knew this fate already in my soul, I had known it for a week. 

As time past, I began to notice my intuitive senses heighten and speed up at a rapid pace, all sorts of data, coming in, very quickly. My empathic ability turned on blast (if someone in the room had anxiety, I could feel my chest tighten), my clairaudience heightened (my intuitive voice was coming in loud and clear now, separate from the typical mind-chatter), and my clairsentience/psychic ability strengthened with every chill that ran through my body - I just began to know/perceive things with 100% conviction. These changes were not scary but felt as if they were my abilities my entire life, but the difference was now, they were unavoidable. I decided to complete my training in clairvoyant healing. This allowed me to see all of my intuitive abilities through mental pictures as well as continue to understand and develop my skills within a safe framework. 

Now I use all of these abilities to assess, heal and communicate with my clients to provide them insights and answers to their own life's journey. While some things may be out of our control, understanding and listening to our spirit can certainly help with our healing and growth. Push us beyond our comfort zone and into a life of freedom and joy.        


Dimitria is certified in Emotional Freedom Technique, EFTP (AEFTP), Clairvoyant Healing (Invision School for Psychic abilities) and holistic health and wellness (Institute of Integrative Nutrition). When she's not working with clients, you'll find her leading workshops around the country teaching individuals and parents to connect with spirit. Igniting interest in the power of healing, empowering individuals and families to live their authentic path.