Remote Sessions




When I began my practice, I was strictly doing intuitive readings remotely. It wasn't until late 2016, that I received the calling to do more healing work in-person. Today I offer phone and online readings (skype) to anyone, anywhere in the world. If you are not in the area or would just like to cut the commute to-and-from appointments, a remote session may be the answer for you. However, if you live in Philadelphia or the surrounding area and would like to see me in-person, I hold office hours on Wednesday and Saturdays and would love to see you!

How Does It Work?

With energy, there’s no time and space, which means someone can be in Bali or Spain and it’s like they’re right in front of me. Most of the time, all I need is a first and last name to pick up the unique frequency needed for an intuitive reading.  There is nothing woo-woo nor fluffy about this! In fact, it's supported by quantum physics with a theory called quantum entanglement. Furthermore, my clairvoyant training was heavily weighted in distance healing where I had to log many hours of monitored remote sessions in order to graduate.  


In the case of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) we would leverage skype because I need to see an individual's body language and technique. 

Does it really work?

Yes, my accuracy is exactly the same! I've worked with clients over Skype and on the phone who live all over the world. The response I receive is very much the same to in-person sessions.