Assessing Your Aura/Energy Field

The same way you have a physical body made up of blood, organs, muscles, bones, you too, have an energy field or Aura. Similar to a feeling or a thought, the Aura is invisible (to the physical eye) but exists. The Aura is made up of your spirit/soul, astral field, etheric field, mental field and physical body. The energy flowing through your Aura is moving faster than the speed of light, giving new shape, communication and direction to you and all whom you are connected.

Western medicine leverages this intelligence through machines like an EKG which measures the electrical signal moving through the atria of the heart. These electrical/energy signals move through your entire body and hold the emotional intelligence your body needs to thrive, survive, pivot, communicate, heal and balance health.

Eastern medicine is also full of medicine that encompasses this same belief. In Chinese medicine you have the meridians points (believed to hold your 'life force' or chi) acupuncturist target these areas for treatment during a session. Eastern Indian, Ayurvedic medicine leverage the chakra system.

There are 350 chakras in your body, but 7 main chakras control most of the communication through your energy field with your spirit and the outside world. When ignited with purpose this energy can initiate growth and healing.

Understanding the centers of spiritual power are key to vibrant health and healing. In my initial assessment, I will look at the layers of your Aura/Energy field along with each of your 7 chakras to open the communication flow. I will give you deep insight, through my unique method of healing, into this system and help make the connection you are looking for with your spirit to get your own authentic answers.



My holistic approach is customized for each client depending on what comes up during our session. Over the phone is just as powerful as an in-person session. Typically I start each 60 minute session with an overall Aura assessment reading your Aura and than dive into your Chakra system giving you insight into where your spirit is working in present time. We can hit on issues, stuck energy, blocks, health, overall wellness, disease, emotional issues. I can also begin by diving into your most pressing questions, concentrating most of the session providing you clarity where you need answers.

The reading will be a healing in itself, as we all want to know next steps, how to limit suffering, release blocked or stuck energy, bring our bodies back in balance and find ways to supplement other methods to speed healing and progress. My purpose is to provide information, in present time, that will allow you have more of your own truth and trust in yourself to live the extraordinary life you are meant to live - with health and vitality!



My clients visit and call me for many reasons. They reach out when they have an important decision to make and can't seem to unlock the answer that feels right to them. Sometimes they are struggling to get to the next level in their life. They are up for a promotion and want to make sure it's a good match for their lifestyle. Sometimes they are looking to try something new. Maybe everything that could go wrong, just did. Their health is suddenly floundering and the answer is not quite surfacing quick enough. I help individuals heal from broken hearts. I help parents uncover the truth around what could be preventing their child from getting ahead in school or recovering from an imbalance.

I will provide clarity for you around any question you have, and you will be able to feel the authenticity right down to your soul.

Aura/Energy Field


7th Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra


6th Third Eye Chakra

Third Eye Chakra


5th Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra


4th Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra


3rd Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra



Sacral Chakra


1st Root Chakra

Root Chakra