Picture by Pexels

Picture by Pexels

We all know the feeling. We should do something, but we can’t. We literally cannot. The fear builds, and the stress compounds. And now we are even further away from our deepest desires. It happens to us all. We get stuck. We get blocked.

The real question is how can we get unblocked? How can we blow up the brick wall that’s sitting right in our soul? Stuck in our heart, stuck in our gut, stuck in our chakras, stuck in our mind, stuck in our patterns and behaviors that now play out on a daily basis in our communication, in our thoughts, in our idea of ourselves.

If this is plaguing you, the answer is simple. Do nothing. That’s what I said. Literally, do nothing.

The tricky part of being blocked is that it stops energy. There is no movement. To get unstuck, you need to move, you need to process. In order to process, you need to absorb, and in order to absorb, you need time to sit down and do nothing.

It seems counter-intuitive but it works.

Can’t figure out how to stop? This is a gift to you. So figure it out: meditate for 20 mins a day, nap, walk and think, take a hot bath, talk on the phone to one of your soulful friends. Stop, do nothing. In this nothingness, you will process the events that got you stuck in the first place. You will be back in movement. You will get unstuck.

The fast pace of today provides so many distractions, and it takes your power away, slowly draining it. Get it back. Don’t let it hinder you from being who you are and getting what you want from your life.

Moms — you can do this. Do this while breastfeeding, do this while the baby is taking a nap, do this before you go to bed at night, while the kids are in school, while you’re in a parking lot. Figure it out. Don’t make excuses. You owe it to yourself. You owe it to yourself to process the day. In this one day, you were a caretaker, a protector, a lover, a homemaker, a worker, an employee, a friend, a leader, an organizer, a maker of magic, a chef, a woman, a queen. It’s amazing, but it’s a lot. All at once. So process it.

Once things are back in movement, half the battle is over already. You’ll get some needed relief. You’ll start living your life in a slightly more authentic way. Things will begin to align toward who you really are and what you really want. Magic happens when you move the energy and start to live in truth and not in fear.

I hope you can give this gift to yourself.