Spiritual Growth


Growing up is hard to do.

We've heard that so many times, but you reach a point in your life when you become an adult and you think that the growing is over. Why doesn't anyone tell you it's really just begun? We establish our lives and of course our soul wants more; it wants to create, change, grow, crave and simply experience different. 

This is hard, and of course beautiful at the same time. 

I spent years trying to understand why I always wanted more and could never be 'happy'. Now I understand that as a human I'm constantly changing, evolving and in need of new challenges, new opportunities and new ways of being to satiate my soul. Admittedly, it's a bit tiring, and lonely at times, but always oddly satisfying. I guess my point is, embracing it has made the journey easier emotionally, somewhat less intense yet still pretty challenging. However, with each evolution comes enlightenment, joy, richness, satisfaction, more abundance, and just more ... much, much, more!

You're not confused, you're just growing. You're not crazy, you're just growing. You're not wrong, you're just growing. You're not hopeless, you're just growing. So grow. Face it. See what happens.