Be Emotionally Free


Think back to the last time you got in a fight with your spouse, boyfriend, sister or mother. Maybe you made up, maybe you agreed to disagree, or maybe you still harbor some resentment. No matter what scenario applies, what did you do to release the negative emotions you just experienced in that fight? How do you know they're gone? If you're like most people, the typical answer is nothing. Not because we don't want to release our negative emotions, we just don't know how.

Don't get me wrong, working out, running, listening to music, painting and meditating are all great ways to release feelings, but emotions are a bit different and tougher to release. A feeling is how we perceive an emotion, and ultimately we assign a certain meaning to that emotion. These perceptions can be altered pretty quickly. You simply alter your state by 'running that feeling out' for example; your endorphins spike, your perception changes and all seems well.

Unfortunately, that doesn't really change the emotion, or emotional residue that now remains in your energy field and nervous system. Over time this residue builds and eventually gets stuck. Inturn, you feel stuck. And stuck never really feels good. You can go change your state again, but you loop back again and get re-stuck. 

This is where EFT comes in. EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is exactly that, it's a technique that frees you from being emotionally stuck. It gets rid of the old emotional residue, by tapping on certain meridian points, uncovering core issues that can hold you back from growing and changing. Once you are able to release the emotional trauma, you can blow through the core issue and consequently get your energy back in motion. You now become unstuck and can move forward in a new space!

I leverage EFT in my practice because I've seen speedy, impactful, and long lasting changes to emotional trauma.

If you want to try this at home, simply pick a meridian point (I use my Thymus point) and tap on it while you go for your daily jog or while driving in the car. Say outloud what is bothering you, continue that talk track as it spirals into an emotion, feel that emotion, and see it move out of your body. Keep Breathing. Breathe again. Release it out through the breath. 

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