Energy in Reality

Energy Meets Reality

It tends to get frustrating when the things we want aren’t appearing as quickly as we’d like them to in our lives. Working with energy, I experience this frustration first hand all the time. I manifest something in, I see it in the field, but it takes forever to show up in physical reality. I know the road is paved, it is happening, but when? I’m ready, damn it!! I’m ready! Especially hard for a 'Type A' personality. All I can do sometimes is just have faith, knowing it will show up when the time is right. There is just no getting around it.

Timing is a tough thing for me to pinpoint with my clients with laser sharp accuracy. Typically I can get a rough idea for days, weeks are much easier, and months are pretty clear, but anything sooner gets difficult to see. Over the years of experience, I have boiled it down to these four reasons.

1)    Possibilities

2)    Probabilities

3)    Destiny

4)    The Body Clock

Let’s take number one – possibilities. When energy starts to build around thoughts and emotions, the possibility of that thing you desire takes shape. You want a new love. You think it, feel it, let the desire in ~ wham~ there he or she is...well not so fast. There is still action that needs to be taken on that new energy. If you sit in your house all day alone the chances of meeting him isn’t going to be great. Sure you can bump into him at the grocery store, but if you are actively involved in a few hobbies and activities, the chances can go way up. Right person, right time. That brings us to probabilities. The energy is lined up, now the action is taken and you are in the game of increasing the probability that your new love will come in. Once a 65% chance of manifesting now has a 90% chance… big improvement!

Line up the energy + take the action. Both need to be activated.

All good right? Except for two pesky little things you still have to deal with. Let’s start with destiny. Destiny is an experience that you are meant to have in this life. It can not be moved, although it can be delayed a bit. So, if you are meant to meet your man after he’s had experience x and you’ve had experience y, that can not be undone.  If this is the case, you'll just have to wait for this to play out. 

Finally, being at the will of our body clocks is a reality. Our body is typically slower to adjust to movement than our being (spirit) clock. Our being creates very quickly, and our body needs to carry out the new concept, idea or creation. In order to do that, the body needs be able to handle this change in physical reality. Unlike the spirit that isn't tied to the concept of time, the body is a slave to the confines of time in our reality. Simply said, your body needs time to adjust to your intention. 

Seems daunting? Lucky for us energy moves faster than the speed of light. These 4 things might be delaying your dreams for a little while, but not to worry, energy shifts happen in a matter of microseconds. If you manifest it - trust it will be - it just may not happen in the time frame you want. 

Afterall life is meant to be an experience, so experience it. Try to let go the worry you have around the timing of it all and try to enjoy the journey. In retrospect, you may even think the timing was true perfection!