Calling All Females


As we go through different phases and milestones in our lives, the relationships with our lady friends change along with us. Some of these changes are for the best, some of them bittersweet and some don’t go down with the eloquence they probably deserve. Why are female relationships such a mystery? You would think by 41 years old I would completely understand the nature of these powerful yet mysterious relationships. Once you become a mom, these relationships can get taken to an even more uncomfortable place. You find a new girlfriend that’s amazing, you bond with her in every way, but your husbands don’t get along, or your children don’t like playing with each other. You still have strong relationships from high school or college but your besties don’t live close or they are so busy with their own families to connect on the regular. You’re subjected to hanging twice a year and its usually centered around some family event like a birthday party.

I just want to say it sucks. I wish it could be easier. I’ve been lucky to bond with some pretty amazing, lifelong girlfriends, but I wish it could be more, I wish I could have even more girlfriends, laughing around me, there for me to call when life isn’t going my way, giving me helpful advice when my child doesn’t adjust to school or when she has croup for the first time. Things only really women know and understand.

To all my girlfriends, I miss you. Thank you for helping me expand my business and supporting me through all the changes I've made to myself and my life.

To all the women I have yet to meet. Go easy on me. I have a genuine need to connect with you and would love to get to know you, be there for you, in a way only a woman can be. I want to experience your joys and be there for you when you question yourself or in need of a friend. I want more girlfriends that add value to my life and vice versa. Ones that are open to deep discussions and wine by the fire minus our mates. Because isn’t that really what life is about?