The Spiritual Side Of Health


For as long as I’ve been reading and healing a variety of health issues for individuals, one thing remains true, the state of health is dynamic and ever changing. However, there are typically 6 components that I often see that make up a person’s overall balance of health & wellness.

These components are: structural, physical, bio-chemical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  The first three are all things that can be treated by different types of doctors, herbalists, nutritionists, etc. The last three components to health are more spiritual in nature.

When you fall, get cut and your hand bleeds, it may in fact need stitches, but, did you ever think about the reason why it happened in the first place? A clumsy slip of the heel, perhaps, a message from your spirit, certainly possible.

I often encounter life transitions and changes occurring in my clients through injuries and illness. For example, it’s time for you to move out of the city, you know it, but something is holding you back. Signs continue to come, now you really know it, yet you remain. Suddenly, walking home from work a biker runs into you causing a concussion, or you fall in the street needing stiches. When your inner voice is there and you don’t respond, your intuition is calling and you ignore it, something happens to make you listen. A move you have to make, that book you have to start, the family you need to create, the self-love you need to develop, the pause you have to take in your life to find enjoyment, the list goes on.  

Listen to your injuries, listen to your illness, your disease, your weakness. They hold a story that can unlock emotional and mental blocks, anguish, invalidation, pain and suffering. We are all dynamic beings and in order to manage health we need to honor the entirety of us.