It's More Than Just Deja Vu....

Photo by Metaphortography/iStock / Getty Images

Yesterday I was in the car driving almost all day. I had this nagging feeling that I would be stopped by a cop. Nagging me during my morning drive on the turnpike to my meeting, and nagging me again on my drive home. Trying to tune into my inner voice, I attempted to figure out when exactly when this incident would occur. Just be aware — be on guard, it will happen was what the voice I heard said back. 5 miles from home, my shoulders were relaxed, I loosened up, turned the music louder… I thought I was in the clear and actually laughed off my instinct as paranoia. Not paying attention, coming off an exit, I rode the shoulder a bit before merging into the lane; I looked up and saw a cop.

He pulled me over.

How many times do you hear that nagging voice telling you don’t go out tonight and you go, and the night is horrible? Only to tell yourself later, what a waste of time, I knew it — I knew it! Or your inner voice telling you; I’d really prefer to do something else, and you listen to it, on a whim, and you suddenly feel free. Why can’t we access this all the time? Well, the good news is — we can.

Intuition is our 6th sense and it’s our birthright. I used to shrug it off as paranoia, but now I understand it’s actually very normal, necessary, and totally life changing. The more you listen, the better you get at deciphering your true voice. It’s kind of like exercising a muscle. It’s also something you need to experience to believe, so start with small stuff and see how it transforms your life over time.

However, once you experience it in a major way — you’re hooked. And the next question becomes, why didn’t someone write a manual for this? Why wasn’t this something I was taught when I was young so I could have mastered this by now? It drives you toward building the courage to listen to yourself, finding your own truth and solidifying your individuality. All those important things that would have been nice to learn early in life.

My biggest question is why don’t we embrace this as a significant tool in our tool box as mothers? We are all capable of being a little bit psychic and tapping into our intuition; when we become mothers, this only gets stronger. When your baby is in your belly for 10 months, you talk to he/she, play it music, tell stories and laugh together. So why stop when your little one is earthside?

A few things to do on a regular basis to strengthen your intuition with your child as well as your connection:
 Before going to bed, think about your child, envision them being happy and protected
 When at work, stop for a few mins while you are alone and think about your child, say a big hello and send love their way
 Spend uninterrupted time with your child, even for 10 mins. Listen to them, ask them questions, scan their emotions, verbal questions and watch their body language. You are looking for a sign to prove that all is right and well with them. If something comes up that seems off, ask them about it.

Send them protection and love through your hugs and kisses.

Have a family routine you do with them every day, 2 mins of deep breathing, looking in the mirror doing mantras, exercising, something special and something to build their self-esteem.

Happy parenting!